Artillería futura – Reporte del mercado global 2018-2019

La empresa DEFENSE IQ presenta anualmente un completo informe que incluye los principales Programas y requerimientos de la Artillería a nivel mundial, Presenta además, los inventarios globales de Sistemas de Armas de Artillería, discriminados por regiones y por países.

The annual Future Artillery Global Market Reportprovides an update of current programmes and requirements of countries from across the globe. Download the report to learn more about undergoing programmes of nations that will attend the conference, and many more such as:

  • Canada’s Precision Guidance Kit
  • Czech Republic’s procurement of self-propelled howitzers
  • Republic of Korea’s acquisition of over 500 K-9 THUNDER guns/howitzers
  • Romania’s plans to acquire NATO-compatible self-propelled howitzers
  • The digitalisation of the UK’s artillery systems
  • The US Army’s Long-Range Precision Fires