Proyecto australiano para uso de tecnología 3D de materiales energéticos

La  fabricación aditiva o la impresión tridimensional de materiales energéticos como explosivos, propulsores y pirotecnia tiene el potencial de transformar la industria ofreciendo  importantes beneficios logísticos y de costos para su fabricación. “Esta investigación podría conducir a la producción de sistemas avanzados de armas, que se pueden adaptar para un rendimiento y propósito únicos”, dijo la  Ministro M.  Pyne.

The project will see DST Group, which is Australia’s leading authority on energetics materials; working with Victorian based defence research company, DefendTex Pty Ltd, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Flinders University, and Cranfield University in the UK.

Minister Pyne said additive manufacturing or 3-D printing of energetic materials such as explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics has the potential to transform their performance and also offer significant logistical and cost benefits in their manufacture.

“This research could lead to the production of advanced weapons systems, which can be tailored for unique performance and purpose,” Minister Pyne said.

“It should also allow broader access and more efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing opportunities to Australian industry providing significant cost savings and competitive advantage for Defence, and industries such as mining construction.”

$2.6 million has been committed over two years through the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Program. Minister Pyne congratulated all CRC project participants and looks forward to the research outcomes.

“These outcomes will have far-reaching civilian and Defence applications and contribute to the development of critical expertise in energetic manufacturing techniques in Australian industry.” Minister Pyne said.